• Machining

    Machining is manufacturing process where different tools and technics are used to convert raw material into shaped product in our case our valves. BVALVE is using CNC machines, short for Computer Numeric Control machining; High end Technology in order to have high end quality valves.
    CNC advantages: 1) faster production rate, 2) low manufacturing costs, 3) precise and high level design consistency

  • Assembly

    Process of Assembling is done in BVALVE facilities. Technical personnel makes sure valves are mounted correctly, that they are fully operational and visual control check of all internal parts is done at this stage.

  • Tailor Made

    Due to high end Bvalve Technology, we can design and fabricate a lot of tailor made modifications. Plugs, mounting kits or different type of end connections are just few things from a long list, we are able to produce.

  • Automated Leakage Testing

    This is the most important step of quality control. It is a process, which assure us, that all delivered valves are bubble tight

    – ZERO LEAKAGE. WE TEST ALL THE VALVES!!! In order to test big quantities as we do, we have to have automated testing machine which is capable of testing big volumes. Automated leakage machine is programmed to do two type of test:

    1) Shell test (Body test) – Valve in open position is subject to a specific load of air pressure (1,5 x pressure rating) during marked time and if during this time pressure drop is not detected, then the test is considered success.

    2) Leakage test – This test is focused on the tightness between seat and the plug. The same as in Shell test, valve is subject to a specific load of pressure but this time in closed position. If downstream no bubbles are detected, valve is considered tight.



Bellows sealed valves, pressure reducing valves, traps and strainers.


Special bellow sealed valve PN40 high performance for chemical applications.


List of references of BVALVE valves in the most relevant industry groups and worldwide projects.


BVALVE ANSI bellows sealed globe and bellow sealed gate valves.