BVALVE Flow, Systems & Controls is pleased to introduce the most technically advanced DIN/EN bellows sealed globe valve in current market, its BV2506X. Back in the early 2000’s BVALVE develops its own ANSI bellows sealed globe valve to supply the huge demand CSP Plants had raised. Valves were designed for thermal oil medium, a toxic, flammable and highly cancerous fluid, and therefore attributes such as top quality or tightness were indeed mandatory.

This application pushed BVALVE to imply chemical valves’ main features into its design, coming up with a robust, bubble tight and maintenance free valve. Having supplied more than 100.000 valves to projects worldwide, and having experienced competitors flaws’ due to low quality designs, in 2010 BVALVE decides to bring its premium valve into the DIN market, allowing our customers to take advantage of these high end product at very affordable prices.

In 2015, after distributing our valves in Spain and Portugal for 5 years, BVALVE harvests the biggest DIN/EN bellows sealed globe valve stock in Europe and starts to export its BV2506X around the globe. This ambitious step came along with great success in client feedback, which has allowed us to consolidate a wide and agile international sales network. Nowadays BVALVE partners and stocks are present in most of European countries, north of Africa, and currently growing in Asia and South America. Today BVALVE continues to develop its manufacturing range under the same quality standards, now including PN16, PN25, PN40 and PN40HP bellows sealed globe valves, together with its innovative pressure reducing valve, traps and strainers.


  1. Solar Field Projects in Spain describe a strong development. As a consequence, BVALVE decides to develop its own shut-off valve for thermal oil applications.
  2. After two years of technical research and development BVALVE is ready to present its premium bellows sealed globe valve. Its ANSI design describes a robust, “bubble tight” and maintenance free shut-off valve.
  3. In 2010 BVALVE decides to bring its premium valve into the DIN market, allowing our customers to take advantage of these high end product at very affordable prices.
  4. More than 15.000 valves supplied to a wide range of projects, including different applications such as gas, ammonia, steam and thermal oil amongst others.
  5. Applying its past experience with severe applications, client feedback and taking as a reference the top chemical valves in market, BVALVE decides to dive into the DIN/EN market by developing its BV2506X manufacturing range.
  6. BV2506X DIN/EN bellows sealed globe valves are wide spread around all Spanish and Portuguese territory. Due to great success, BVALVE decides to start exporting its valves.
  7. First international agreement stablished, BVALVE valves start to expand in Europe.
  8. BVALVE's International Network includes partnership agreements in 20 different countries. Stocks are located all around Europe and nearby countries such as Turkey, Israel, China, Pakistan or Morocco.
  9. BVALVE continues to grow and expand its manufacturing range which nowadays includes bellows sealed globe valves, strainers, pressure reducing valves and steam traps.




Bellows sealed valves, pressure reducing valves, traps and strainers.


Special bellow sealed valve PN40 high performance for chemical applications.


List of references of BVALVE valves in the most relevant industry groups and worldwide projects.


BVALVE ANSI bellows sealed globe and bellow sealed gate valves.